The Swinging Neckbreakers
By Ronnie

Basic, stripped down rock and roll - the lowest common demoninator? At least that is the philosophy of New Jersey's Swinging Neckbreakers. Although the band was tight-lipped in this interview, you can't question their dedication to rock and roll. Their music IS their statement.

E.C.: With all the different 'forms' of rock and roll these days, how did you pick the "garage rock" format?

John: I think that it just came naturally. We try to keep everything as simple as possible musically. And we are definitely on a garage rock budget.

E.C.: What are the influences of the Swinging Neckbreakers?

John: Between the three of us I would say that we like all kinds of stuff - too many to mention by name. I also think that we get inspired by a lot of groups but, don't necessarily try to emulate them.

E.C.: With two brothers in the band, is there any simbling rivalry like what goes on with the Gallagher brothers of Oasis or the Davies brothers in the Kinks?

John: My brother and I are always going to do things to piss each other off. It always passes though and we don't hold any grudges about it.

E.C.: Is the "garage rock" format limiting for you as a band? Even the Kinks and Animals eventually branched out…will we ever see some sort of 'experimentation' with the Swinging Neckbreakers?

John: We never know what we are going to do. I think that we've always tried to make all of our records different from the previous ones.

E.C.: Alternative-rock radio stations seem to avoid your type of music. This leaves mainly college-rock stations. Do you get much airplay on these?

John: I know we get some because BMI sends us a statement every quarter.

E.C.: In a related question, this pretty much leaves the live music format to get your music out there to the masses. Do you guys tour a lot? Where have you played? Do you have someone to play the farfisa for your live gigs?

John: We have been cross country a couple of times and overseas as well. Last year we did the west coast, the mid-west, the east coast, some shows down south and also Canada and Spain. We don't bring a keyboard player although sometimes Dave Amels (who has played on our records) has sat in if he's in town.

E.C.: THE RETURN OF ROCK came out in 2000. Can we expect a new release soon?

John: We are starting to get some songs together but, it's probably going to take awhile for another album. We recorded a live album, I don't know the status of it. We just recorded a track for a compilation on Blood Red - I think that they wanted to put it out before the end of the year.

E.C.: What is your ultimate goal?

John: I would like to see us get more exposure so I hope people read EAR CANDY.

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